Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant Heating Systems for Home and Office

Both geothermal and boiler systems use the same type of loop. That loop is known as a closed loop. It allows the energy that is not required in a certain area of the building to be transferred into another area where it is required.

Because of this, water heat pumps are considered one of the best systems for radiant cooling and radiant heating buildings. Water heat pumps can also match, or sometimes even exceed the performance of some of the best and most complicated HVAC systems.

Energy Savings 

Geothermal systems are different from traditional boiler systems because they don’t require a cooling or boiler tower, and both of these towers are known for consuming fossil fuel or electricity. The job of their variable flow design is to shut off the flow to heat pumps whenever their compressor is not being used. This can significantly reduce the power that is required for pumping. And that automatically means that you get to save a significant amount of money as well.

The Cost of Installation

The installation of a geothermal system usually costs a little bit more than the installation of a traditional tower heat pump system. However, once a geothermal system is properly installer, it usually doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which allows you to save a lot of money in a long run. Basically, the installation process of geothermal systems is pretty easy, and these systems are not hard to operate at all.

And even though their installation cost may be a little bit high, they usually cost a lot less to operate than their traditional counterparts. The pump that is used to circulate the fluid is actually the only part in the ground loop that is moving. When compared to traditional systems, savings can be as high as 50% for cooling and 70% for heating.

It is important to remember that all towers and boilers require to be regularly maintenance in order to be free from debris, algae, and all the other contaminants. However, hiring a licensed professional is completely unnecessary. Also, there is absolutely no need to use make-up water, sump heaters, or tower water chemicals.

Mechanical Room Space

When it comes to water heat pump systems, they don’t require a big mechanical room. It is actually completely fine to use a mechanical room that a lot of other HVAC systems would be able to be installed in as well. And you can use rooms that are even smaller than that for geothermal systems. Actually, some free space is only required for the chemical treatment equipment, the circulating pumps and the main header.

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