Snow Removal

Get Ready for Winter Snow

Winters arrive with their share of enjoyment, fun and problems. Cold breezes, hot coffee along with flakes and balls of snows falling from the skies are a delight to experience and enjoy. Eventually everything gets covered in a blanket of white.

The uniformity of surrounding is appeasing to the eyes, but too much snow tends to be a nuisance for resident.  Last year was a dreadful time with all the unpredictable snowfall which became difficult to remove. We therefore advice you to act proactively this year, some methods of removing snow are listed below.

Snow Removal Tools

Snow tends to engulf public and private property and gives them all an identical look. The process of removing this frosted ice is known as deicing. It is your responsibility to clear your roofs, porches and driveways. There are many tools you can use. Rakes and shovels are the best equipment to remove the ice. Apart from the conventional equipment, special snow removal shovel, aluminum snow removing rake, snow brush, snow broom and ice crusher are available in the market. These agents require extreme physical power to clean off the snow.

Power Tools

To reduce the use of human power and speed up the process electrical blowers and crushers have made way into the market. These use electrical power to get the job done. Along with them ice melting heaters are also available in the market which change the state of ice and paving a path.

Chemical Treatments

Apart from these power tools chemical agents are also available which melt ice. These can be used both before and during snowfall. Brine and rock salt are two most famous methods used. The applications of these agents prevent hard formation of ice, making the removal process through tools easier and faster.

Other agents like magnesium and calcium chloride have also made their way in the market. Cans and nozzles are used to spray these elements. A little care should be taken when using them as too much tends to stay there and causes issues like rust and corrosion. Organic agents like sugar beets have also been introduced in order to negate the impacts of these chloric agents.

Hire a Pro

For bigger areas contractors can be hired who use huge machines for larger areas like loaders and trucks. For smaller areas hand machines are also used. These contractors take a substantial amount to remove the frosted ice and make way for vehicles.
Public authorities even employ contractors to remove ice from roads and other public areas. Heaviest machines are employed for the purpose, as huge areas have to be covered in little time.

Removal of snow is the responsibility of both public authorities and private residents. As too much of white stuff tends to disrupt the normal routine and day to day life of the people living around. Along with enjoying the weather one should take immediate action and remove ice to avoid issues and problems which take place if there is too much snow.


A great video on snow shoveling tips:

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